Holger Ewald
      CIO DB Netz AG

„Dr. Mark Derbacher has the rare talent to make even complex issues easily understandable. This is why he is impressively successful e.g. in storytelling with substance and particularly with business relevance. Having headed the communications department of a global company for many years he not only is used to think in overall strategic dimensions but also highly efficiently translates the strategy into concrete target-oriented measures and thus realises effective results. Mark always acts business-oriented and diplomatic at the same time. Even in difficult questions of corporate communications he understands to convince based on his comprehensive competencies. To work with him is real fun and benefit.” Holger Ewald, CIO, DB Netz AG

  Alp Halil Yörük
      Vice President Corporate
      Communications, Siemens Turkey

„Mark has outstanding experiences in heading a global communications organisation successfully. What made him successful are his great strategic perspective on corporate communications as well as on B2B business, his strong focus on getting things implemented and his always encouraging leadership. Based on his experiences he has developed a training program for professionalising communications staff. Utilizing his skills he has been working with me and my team to support us in becoming real 'Business Partners' adding real value-add to the company. His program and his training without doubt really make a difference. During our joint Siemens times it has been an honour to work with Mark and it still is a great pleasure to get his strategic advise.” Alp Halil Yörük, Vice President Corporate Communications, Siemens Turkey

  Ralf Guntermann
      CFO Energy Sector
      Siemens AG

„Dr. Mark Derbacher and I have been working closely together since May 2006. He in his function as Head of Corporate Communications of the Power Generation Group and, from January 2008, of the Energy Sector of Siemens AG, I in my function as Chief Commercial Officer and later Chief Financial Officer of the Sector. Dr. Derbacher's responsibilities covered all aspects of corporate communications worldwide. With his knowledge of the industry and his role, Dr. Derbacher very quickly fit into the Group's management team, adding value to the Group. He was a key driver of a new positioning, first of the division and later of the Energy sector. In this way, he made a significant contribution to the orientation of employees, customers, investors and the public, particularly during the phase of reorganization of the Siemens business. He worked continuously and successfully on improving processes and introducing new corporate communications tools. I know him as a man of integrity, a reliable and trustworthy colleague and head of staff department who acts with clear expertise, purposefully and pragmatically in the interest of the cause. Through our cooperation, I have come to appreciate Dr. Derbacher not only as a professional consultant and service provider, but also as a very experienced advisor.” Ralf Guntermann, CFO Energy Sector, Siemens AG

  Andreas Nauen
      CEO REpower Systems

„Dr. Mark Derbacher worked with me during my time as CEO Siemens Wind Power, in his role as Head of Corporate Communications for Siemens Power Generation and later for the Energy Sector. He was responsible for developing, setting the framework, coordinating and implementing the communication activities of the above units worldwide. I have come to know Dr. Derbacher as an analytical, strategic and goal-oriented mind. He always represented his positions clearly, objectively and fairly. Due to his professional approach to his work, he found viable solutions even in the case of differing opinions.I would particularly like to emphasize his initiative in developing convincing positions for the power/energy sector and the wind power unit as well as in introducing new communication tools. Dr. Mark Derbacher has always supported me as his internal client with ideas and concepts that are ready for implementation and I wish him every success in his future professional projects.” Andreas Nauen, CEO REpower Systems

  Andrew Walker
      Owner Blue Gold Marketing

„Mark is a strong leader in the corporate board room, not least when it comes to his profession as a communication strategist. He has a very keen understanding of the global energy sector and has been instrumental in establishing Siemens as a thought leader in times of great change in the industry. I think his key skill here has been the ability to take a set of very complex issues within a complex organisation and make them easily understandable, without losing substance. Needless to say for a top manager in charge of communications for a 25 billion euro business, he's a good boss and communicator who is passionate about his work and wants to make a real difference. Demanding, yet fair, it was an honour to work with and for him and I'd be happy to provide any further information if desired. .” Andrew Walker, Owner, Blue Gold Marketing

  Michael Süß
      Board member Siemens AG
      CEO Siemens Energy

„Dr. Derbacher is a responsible manager with entrepreneurial spirit. He has always shown himself to be an important source of inspiration when dealing with the various topics. His strategic competence, clear analysis and high implementation power - combined with pragmatic assessment - have made him a highly respected contact person for our company. His high level of commitment and motivation, which went beyond the normal level, as well as his absolute reliability were characteristics of the above-average identification with his tasks. Dr. Derbacher managed his departments with a high level of competence and many years of experience, always target- and result-oriented and developed them further through major initiatives. He was always able to do justice to his varied and responsible tasks and the overarching interests of the company. He possessed comprehensive knowledge of the respective target groups, products, projects and business strategies and mastered the various communication instruments. With his very good grasp of the situation and his ability to quickly familiarize himself with new and extensive tasks, Dr. Derbacher successfully and effectively solved any problems that arose. His broad specialist knowledge enabled him - even in complex questions and difficult situations - to make independent, well thought-out and feasible decisions. He always prepared them thoroughly, made them at the right time and implemented them with persuasiveness and credibility. We got to know Dr. Derbacher as a loyal manager. He was convincing with his open communication and always appeared balanced and objective in conflict situations. His confident attitude and positive charisma earned him high esteem among his managers and partners inside and outside our company. He motivated his employees, showed empathy and led them to high performance.” Michael Süß, Board member Siemens AG and CEO Siemens Energy