About us

Dr. Mark Derbacher (born 1965) has a longterm international experience in B2B business.

Derbacher had been working as a journalist for several years before he entered Corporate Communications (CC) at Siemens in 1995. At Siemens he worked for CC in the sectors industrial equipment, transportation, power generation, transmission and distribution. From 2007 to 2010 Derbacher headed CC worldwide for the Siemens Energy Sector (around 70,000 employees and 30 billion EUR in order entry).

Starting in 2011, Derbacher has been working as adviser and consultant for multinational conglomerates as well as midsized companies and non-profit organisations. Derbacher offers professional senior expertise across the entire CC process. This includes strategic positioning of companies, setup and execution of change processes, Mergers & Acquisition and divestment projects, and PR work including crisis communications. In addition, he acts as moderator, trainer and coach.